The international conference Nanoethics 2011, organized by the Polish Academy of Sciences, was held as one of the major scientific events of the Polish Presidency in the Council of the EU, under the patronage of the Polish Minister of Science and Higher Education and the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The objective of the conference was to provide an overview of the main issues concerning governance and ethics of nanosciences and nanotechnologies (N&N). In particular, it focused on the EC Code of Conduct for responsible nanosciences and nanotechnologies research outlined in the Commission Recommendation of 7 February 2008. During the event activities of the EU Member States concerning implementation of the Code were presented and discussed. Also, it constituted an occasion to present various European initiatives in the field of governance and ethics of N&N research as well as results of chosen EU funded projects in this area. In addition, the meeting provided various stakeholders with an opportunity to present their views on N&N governance.

The conference aimed at inspiring further discussions on these subjects on national and European level as well as encourage actions of the EU Member States concerning development of national regulations in the area of responsible nanosciences and nanotechnologies research.

The conference was attended by:

  • · Representatives of the European Commission;
  • · Policy makers from the EU Member States;
  • · Representatives of institutions developing and implementing initiatives in the area of governance and ethics in N&N;
  • · Experts in the field of ethics, risk assessment, governance and standardization;
  • ·
  • · Delegates from national academies of sciences;
  • · Representatives of companies conducting research and developing products in the field N&N;
  • · Representatives of environmental and consumer NGOs, and industry associations;
  • · Representatives of international organisations;
  • · Trade unions delegates;

Nanoethics 2011 was organized in cooperation and with financial support of the European Commission.